future diary

Do you struggle to turn your wishes & dreams into reality?

Close your eyes and Imagine a miracle is going to happen and starting tomorrow you are taking a definite turn for the better! Waking up in the morning you’re heading in a much better direction then you were before, a direction that will change what happens in 3 months, 6 months, a year, 3 years and 5 years from now!


Envision the image of the future "YOU", then write down what is most important to you. Whether you believe you can have it or not, write it down and create a strong and vivid image of your future fulfilling life!


Now write down what can get in the way. With 100% guarantee, life will happen and challenges will get in your way. Write down what might scare you, throw you off course or deflate you, so you’re prepared to deal with the obstacle should it appear!


Here is a simple example how it works:


GOAL             To lose 10 pounds.


BENEFITS     Feel better about self, more confident, happier, healthier, buy new clothes.

BARRIERS     Can’t say NO, emotional eater, portion control, chocolate temptation.

                        Think of all the reasons why you’re not already there.


PLAN             Create the “If x then y plan”, i.e. If this barrier comes up then I do y.

                        If I am tempted to eat chocolate then I resist and drink a glass of water.

                        If I am offered desert I decline or have fruit instead or go for a walk.


ROTATE        Rotate through GBBPR daily to boost the emotional power.