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Is fulfillment in life possible?


How would your fulfilling life look like? Fulfillment comes in many ways, shapes and forms. It is something very personal, and we all experience it differently. Fulfillment is constantly changing according to ever changing life situations and circumstances. There is no golden rule how to create long lasting fulfillment in all areas of our lives. Fulfillment is a fluctuating thing that we can't hold on to once we have found it.

In over 3 decades of guiding clients to more satisfying lives I observed that every single client – regardless of race, creed, believe or social and financial status - is longing for some sort of fulfillment, YET only very few believe that it can be found! 


Most people consider fulfillment as something vague, as a word for a desirable state of being but rarely as something that can be created and integrated into all areas of their lives. I typically hear comments like: "life is unpredictable", or "life isn't fair", or "I always had to work hard for everything", and " I am born on the wrong side of the tracks or I can't afford it.

I full-heartedly agree that life is tough, and that there is no magic wand to make it easier, but I also believe that "where there is a will, there is a way!". With unwavering commitment, the right plan, and some rather simple transformational techniques it is possible to move towards a fulfilling life! The possibility of fulfillment is available to everyone, and I'd be happy to get on a free call with you to discuss your situation. 

Fulfillment is often confused with feeling good or having everything we want. All these conditions may indeed coexist, but they need not. In a state of fulfillment there is a sense of effortlessness, of harmony and congruence with the great laws of the universe. Fulfillment can exist when life is difficult, challenging and uncomfortable. Some people will say -  the times when they felt most fulfilled were times when they had the least, even when life was a struggle! Fulfillment is not about having everything, and it is not about feeling good all the time.


Sometimes difficult times can give us a clearer picture of who and what is truly valuable. People who have gone through troubled times - myself included - will agree that it is possible to have both, a sense of inner peace and outer struggle at the same time. The lesson here is that life can be fulfilling even though there is struggle. Change is uncomfortable and struggle may be a sign of being a work in progress moving toward a better future! 


Fulfillment is about the inner dialog we have with ourselves. It is about listening inwards and being fully alive. Fulfillment is a state of being; the full expression of who we are at our core. We all have a sense of that feeling and describe it sometimes as wholeness, being present, a sense of rightness, harmony or calm. Fulfillment is the experience of feeling complete despite fear, of staying focused despite adversity, and of letting go of old definitions, habits, things and people!


In the face of unprecedented challenges, let’s have a discussion about your next steps and what you can do to gain and maintain a healthy sense of control over your life and well-being... and maybe, just maybe, you can even find a new sense of fulfillment in the process!


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