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Are You Heading Into A Burnout?

I coach a lot of professionals who are under a tremendous amount of stress, and many of them are either in a burnout or not far from it… and they don’t even know it!

All they know is that they feel terrible, all day long and every day, but the show must go on so they keep pushing and hope for a better day tomorrow.

Burnout is still a vague concept to many despite the fact that 89% of Americans have suffered from burnout within the past year! There is also not much research on burnout or education and help available to people suffering from burnout. But, Burnout is real and it will disrupt a person’s life completely if it’s not being addressed in time.

I have made it my life’s mission to educate as many people as possible about the signs of a burnout and how to prevent it, or to figure out the difficult recovery.

Tell-tale signs that you might be on the path to a burnout

1. One of the first signs is ongoing low motivation and physical and emotional exhaustion.

2. Another sure sign is the nightly “wake up call”, usually around 3am with a racing mind.

3. As burnout progresses, simple day to day activities like taking a shower, or running a quick errand, and even meeting with friends become mentally and physically draining.

4. And if you are in a burnout, then you feel that you can’t do your job anymore like you once used to. Everything has become more difficult and may have memory problems and brain fog, and feel unmotivated or even depressed at times.

At this advanced stage of a burnout people begin to withdraw from friends and family and their entire social life to preserve some energy. They also begin to suffer from all kinds of strange infections, allergies, headaches and muscle pains they never had before because burnout weakens the entire immune system.

If any of this resonates with you then you might be on the road to burnout, and you want to do everything possible to stop going down that path. When a full-blown burnout happens life comes to a complete halt. The body shuts down to survival mode and nothing else matters anymore. You are basically done taking care of everything and everyone and doing all the important things that you’re doing.

Depending on the level of burnout, recovery time can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years and can be tricky and complicated to figure out. If you are chronically exhausted and feeling down and want to feel happier and full of energy again, then I invite you to a free call to explore what you can do to reverse signs of chronic Fatigue and Exhaustion, and to get your life back!

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