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If you are looking for help to overcome a major life- or health challenge, you have come to the right place! Our holistic transformations team at Fasold Global Consulting provides you with customized guidance, training and support, so you can create positive change in all aspects of your life and health


Our holistic approach to creating healthy and fulfilling lives consists of professional life- & transformation coaching, functional medicine health coaching, stress management, deep relaxation training, and alternative medicine approaches.


We are educators, trainers, coaches, and medical doctors who believe in the unity of body, mind and spirit, and in the powerful self-healing ability of the body. We help you find and understand the root cause of your problems, and we are your accountability partner as you embark on your transformational journey. We help you redefine your beliefs and your outlook in life, and we provide you with knowledge and skills to make important shifts that will move you towards the life you envision for yourself. 


Your journey towards a healthy and vibrant life begins with a first step. Take that step now! Book a free consultation today and experience immediate results.



We specialize in guiding clients through their toughest life- and health challenges! Contact us for a free consultation.

Our Services Include:  

Life Coaching, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Change Management, Autogenic Training (Deep Relaxation), and Alternative Medicine approaches.

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