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Is Your Life a Bumpy Ride?

The Wheel of Life is an ancient piece of wisdom that has the power to unleash your innate intelligence and guide you to a fuller, richer experience in today’s world. The Wheel of Life has been found in all cultures across the world and represents the balance of all things and the eternal cycle of life.

The Wheel of Life expresses the truth of your life and the state of flux that moves in cycles. For example, you may go from sad to happy, from fear to peace, and from uncertainty to confidence. Whatever stage you are at is all part of the cycle of life and will contribute to your growth and evolution as a person.

The Wheel of Life provides the means to assess and balance yourself continually or whenever you feel the need to gain balance. I’d like you to have this experience as balancing the 8 areas on the wheel will remove potential obstacles that are in the way to creating a rewarding and fulfilling life and career.

Discover the 8 Areas of the Wheel of Life

While the ‘Wheel’ is not a definitive ‘picture’ of your life it certainly does a good job of capturing most parts of our lives. Have a look through the categories and take the assessment on the following pages.

1. Physical Environment:

Do you spend time in nature? Is your home environment free from tension and conflict? Is it free from clutter?

2. Career:

Are you in a job that really fulfils you? Do you maintain a positive attitude while working? Are you achieving the goals you set for yourself?

3. Finances:

Are you creating the financial wealth in your life that you desire? Do you have a positive relationship with money? Do you create enough money to live the lifestyle that you want? Do you use your money to contribute to others?

4. Health:

Do you feel well and happy most days? Do you manage your stress levels well so you’re not at risk of burning out? Do you exercise regularly? Does your diet support your wellbeing? Do you spend time with uplifting and positive people?